BSP Laboratory-Focused Panel

Thank you for your interest in being included in our laboratory-focused market research panel. We would like to collect some basic demographic information so that we can best match your expertise to the target group for our studies. We also have some questions related to your preferred format of participation that will help us design studies in the future.

In addition to market research surveys, we will be conducting a voluntary annual survey of all panelists to understand various characteristics of your lab. We will provide the compiled information to you at no cost as a means of benchmarking your lab’s characteristics to others across the nation. Characteristics we plan to survey / benchmark include: size of your laboratory 
(i.e. number of employees, revenues, etc.), technologies used (i.e. PCR, mass spec., etc.), menu offering, testing volumes, etc.  Please indicate below if you are interested in participating in these benchmarking surveys.

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